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Inner Corridor at Hotel Majestic Roma

You Invite Your Guests
We Take Care of the Rest

The Hotel Majestic Roma is the perfect location for your private events. Just give us a few hints about your basic idea and our dedicated team of professionals will assist you in arranging everything: from welcome cocktail to dinner menu, from table-setting to flower decoration. Then, all you need to care about is inviting your guests, because we will take care of all the rest.

Hotel Majestic Roma - Chopin Function Room
Function Rooms
Warm & Intimate
for Your Special Ones
At times, you might want to hold a dinner with just a few close friends or family, but you want it to be truly private and intimate, and all for yourselves. Check our Chopin Hall, it has a charming décor with antique furniture, natural wood floors, silk tapestries on the walls, and it is perfectly sized for your needs.
Hotel Majestic Roma - Verdi Function Room
Function Rooms
Luxurious & Spacious
for Your Many Friends & Family
Some other times, you might need to run a dinner for a big celebration and you want all your friends and family to be with you, in a totally private context. Check our Verdi Hall, it is our largest and most impressive function room, featuring rich décor, and it can be set up in a number of different patterns.
Hotel Majestic Roma - Via Veneto Suite
Room & Suites
Private, Privater or Privatest? Book a Suite.
Besides choosing among a variety different meeting rooms, bars and terraces for private and business meetings, indeed we have a further option. Get a suite, and your private event will be even more private and exclusive.
Buffet on the Terrace at Hotel Majestic Roma
The Terrace
An Event in the Open Air?
Choose the Terrace.
Facing directly over Via Veneto, the Terrace offers the most elegant open air location in the city for exclusive events, celebrations and dream weddings. It can accomodate up to 60 people for private banquets, and up to 150 people for cocktails.

Food Lab

Food, Drinks & Treats You’ll Be Amazed

The success of private and business events does not depend on the function rooms, set-up and décor only. Food and drinks are one of the most important aspects to consider and can make the difference between an “OK” and a “Super” reception. At the Hotel Majestic Roma, restoration has always been a jewel in the crown.

Music at Hotel Majestic Roma
General Services
Music, Photo, Video
Tech to Light Up Your Event
Behind the scenes, our perfectly trained and experienced staff will make available any sort of tech facilities needed for the success of your event.
Flower decoration at Hotel Majestic Roma
Flower Design
From Beautiful to Gorgeous
with “I do Flowers” Magic
With a careful look at the variety offered by nature, IdoFlowers designs and creates magnificent floral arrangements, so that every event, from a wedding to a simple dinner with friends, can be unique.

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Baldestein Beauty Salon at Hotel Majestic Roma
Beauty & Wellness
Tune up and Join the Party
The Baldestein Hair Design & Beauty Salon is located downstairs, at street level. Listed as one of the very best in Rome, the salon prides itself on a high level of professionalism and experience.
Wedding Bouquet at Hotel Majestic Roma
Plan Your Wedding
The Majestic is the perfect location for a truly romantic wedding in the Eternal City. Our team of professionals can assist in arranging every aspect of such an important and memorable event.
Conference at Hotel Majestic Roma
Business Events
Business Conference
With a combination of differently sized meeting rooms, bars and terraces located on the first floor, the Hotel Majestic Roma offers a variety of options for Business Meetings and Conferences.

Your Special Events

Baby Shower

Imagine your Baby Shower within the elegance of the Hotel Majestic Roma.
With the joyful floral arrangements by IdoFlowers.
And the mouthwatering delights from our pastry department.

Call us for further details and we will get you directly in touch with Claudia, our in-house flower designer, to talk your idea.